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All Aboard!! PowerPoint Presentation
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All Aboard!!

All Aboard!!

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All Aboard!!

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  1. All Aboard!! Next stop…Elaboration Station!

  2. Where’s my next stop? Extension Detention Elaboration Station • Lists • Reader still has a lot of questions. “What do you mean?” • Telling • BORING!!!!! • One main focus with many specific details to support it. • Most of the reader’s questions have been answered. • Contains an example, anecdote, definition or description. • Showing

  3. Give Examples!!! • Phrases that add information through the following: EXAMPLES - provide more specific information about something. This sounds like. . . My brothers always seem to pick on me. For instance, they may hide my soccer shoes, not answer the phone. The cats were all acting like they were crazy. For example, one jumped at me with all …

  4. Develop your point with an example The game of golf can be played for an entire lifetime and also by yourself. People of any age can go out and play a round of golf whenever they want as opposed to team sports. For example, football, soccer, and volleyball take an entire team of people to play. How many times are you going to call up ten or more of your friends and go play sports?

  5. What does elaboration look like?Tell your reader what you mean… • Phrases that add information and details through the following: DEFINITION - a way to restate an unfamiliar word or tell what it means The best part of our hot lunch program is the Ala Carte. What I mean by Ala Carte is the little deli line past the lunch line where you can buy cookies, slushies, and candy bars.

  6. Develop your point with a definition. One of the best programs that our school has is something called Brainworks. Brainworks is an after-school program where kids go and do their homework. They even let you work on the computers there. I like it a lot because the lady who runs the program keeps everyone pretty quiet. At my house, I have 6 little brothers and sisters and there is never a quiet place to work.

  7. What does elaboration look like? • Phrases that add information and details through the following: DESCRIPTION - a way to create vivid images for the reader The sound of my phone cut through the silent class and I anxiously dug into my backpack to grab it before Mrs. Schuman, the writing teacher, noticed. Pawing through Chapstick and lipstick, gum wrappers and rubber hair wraps, my hand darted around the deep pockets of my backpack. “Must shut off ringer,” I thought.

  8. Develop your point with description.Student Sample Jackie walked slowly to the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial exhibit. In her hand were two yellow daffodils that she had brought with her on the hour long bus ride.Their green stems, snapped from the patch in the backyard, were slowly drying out.

  9. What does elaboration look like? • Phrases that add information and details through the following: ANECDOTE- an anecdote is a small piece of a story inserted into an essay that helps make the point. This sounds like. . . Hey, I remember the time when I had to carry my . . . Once when I was in elementary school, the kids would always. . .

  10. ANECDOTESThis is an effective way to make or develop a point. • Do you remember any teacher who told lots of stories as they were teaching? • Or grandparents who told stories about “when they were young”? • Think of an anecdote…what “point” might it develop. Share this anecdote with your partner.

  11. Now it’s Your Turn! Look back at the plans you have done for homework (in your WIP section). Select an idea you can elaborate. Try using one or more of the elaboration techniques you’ve just learned. Shhh! Don’t tell anyone which technique you plan to use. When we finish (20 minutes), we will share our papers and see if our peers can guess the strategy we used.