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Northern California CAR Assembly PowerPoint Presentation
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Northern California CAR Assembly

Northern California CAR Assembly

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Northern California CAR Assembly

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  1. Northern California CAR Assembly NCCNA XXX – March 22, 2008

  2. Today’s Agenda: • 2008 CAR Overview and Motions: • Overview of NAWS and the WSC • Explanation of the CAR and Group Conscience Process • The 6th Edition Basic Text • Youth IP and IP to parents/guardians • Regional Motions (2) concerning medallion production • Regional Motion concerning NAWS & legal responsibilities

  3. Today’s Agenda: • 2008 CAT Proposals and Project Plans: • Introduction to the CAT – Where to find it • WB proposed Moratorium on seating of Regions at the WSC • WCNA Zonal Rotation Changes • CAT Project Plans – Including proposal for a new book • Wrap – up: Your thoughts and comments on today's process

  4. Overview of NAWS and the Group Conscience Process

  5. The NA Service Structure Group Group Group Group Group Group Group Group area area area area Northern California RSC World Service Conference NAWS

  6. NAWS Overview Narcotics Anonymous World Services, Inc. (NAWS) is a non-profit corporation whose business is to serve addicts. It is a part of the service structure that has been formalized for legal and business reasons NAWS exists as a unifying element that allows us to work toward achieving our common vision of reaching every addict worldwide with our life-saving message

  7. NAWS Overview NAWS has four physical offices, called WSOs (World Service Offices) in: • California – Chatsworth • Canada - Mississauga • Belgium - Brussels • Iran – Tehran Special workers are employed by the offices to better serve our needs.

  8. NAWS Overview The World Service office handles all NA business: • Production, sale and distribution of literature and other products like key tags, chips, and medallions • Preparation and distribution of all NA publications, such as the NA Way Magazine and Conference Agenda Report • Logistics and arrangements for conventions, conferences, workshops and workgroups

  9. NAWS Overview The office also answers questions and provides assistance to individuals, NA groups, areas, and regions throughout the world.

  10. NAWS Overview NAWS is supervised by an executive director and by the World Board In a sense our World Board is a Board of Directors much like that of any other non-profit corporation In a more important sense, our Board members are recovering addicts who serve like any of us who serve our home groups, areas or regions

  11. NAWS Overview The World Board: • Supervises the planning and hosting of conventions • Facilitates the production of new literature • Oversees workgroups & projects • Provides the overview and insight that makes strategic planning possible

  12. World Service Conference The World Service Conference (WSC) meets every two years. Delegates from regions all over the world come together at the conference to discuss matters of importance to the fellowship as a whole.

  13. World Service Conference

  14. NAWS Vision Statement Upon this vision we stand committed: • Every addict in the world has the chance to experience our message in his or her own language and culture and find the opportunity for a new way of life • NA communities worldwide and NA world services work together in a spirit of unity and cooperation to carry our message of recovery

  15. NAWS Vision Statement • Narcotics Anonymous has universal recognition and respect as a viable program of recovery

  16. WSC Mission Statement – RD Responsibility “The WSC’s Mission is to unify NA worldwide by providing an event at which: • Participants propose and gain fellowship consensus on initiatives that further the NA World Services Vision”

  17. How do we gain fellowship consensus?

  18. Conference Agenda Report • CAR is distributed 150 days prior to the WSC in English . It is available for $11 or free download from • CAR is available 120 Days prior to the WSC in French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish • We will provide Regional ballots to collect your feedback • We are planning 6 of these assemblies throughout Northern California and 1 at NCCNA • You can also answer the discussion questions online at

  19. Basic Text 6th Edition

  20. Basic Text - WSC 2004 Motion #4: “To approve work on revisions to the Basic Text, Narcotics Anonymous, that includes: • No changes made to Chapters One through Ten • The addition of a new preface to the Sixth Edition preceding the current preface (the current preface will remain the same and be titled “Preface to the First Edition”), • The replacement of some or all of the current personal stories, in order to better reflect the broad diversity of our fellowship, and • A brief introduction to the revised personal stories section. Page 18

  21. WSC 2004 Motion #4: The timeframe for this work will be two conference cycles, from 2004to 2008, including a six month review and input period. The approval form of the Sixth Edition Basic Text will be distributed as an appendix to the 2008 Conference Agenda Report for a minim mum of 150 days.” Page 18

  22. Basic Text 6th Edition • BT working group consisted of 10 members from 6 countries (4 continents) • Solicitations for stories went out in February 2005 in 9 languages • Distributed through The NA Way,, World Convention, workshops and forums - input accepted up until December 2005 • Over 700 submissions received; more than 20% came from outside the U.S. Page 18

  23. Basic Text – Story submissions by Locale Italy Japan Mexico Nepal Netherlands New Zealand Nicaragua Norway Portugal Puerto Rico Russia Saudi Arabia Singapore South Africa Spain Sweden • Switzerland • Trinidad • Turkey • United Kingdom • United States • Venezuela • West Indies Argentina Australia Belgium Brazil Canada Colombia France Germany Greece India Ireland Israel Page 20

  24. Basic Text 6th Edition – Input by Clean Time Over 30 years clean: 6 Over 20 years clean: 79 Between 10 and 20 years: 204 Between 5 and 10 years: 137 Between 1 and 5 years: 185 Less than 1 year: 39 Unknown : 41 Page 20

  25. Basic Text 6th Edition • Input was read using an anonymous “blind process”; grading stories on: recovery content, quality, style , structure, and how it fits with the rest of the work. • Existing stories with historical value were kept in a new “Beginnings” section • Review Draft was distributed to the fellowship September 1, 2006 with input received through February 2007. 7,500 copies (paper and e-copies) were distributed. • Approximately 350 pieces of input received ; 60% from individuals, 17% from groups, and 23% from committees Page 21

  26. Review Draft input by Locale: Brazil Greece New Zealand Turkey UK Canada Ireland Norway Uganda Gibraltar Kuwait Russia United States Page 21

  27. Basic Text – Filing the Gaps • “The Only Requirement” – From a member who was on drug replacement • “Sowing the Seed” – from an Israeli member • “The Spirit of Service” – from a male Iranian member • “Another Chance to Live” – from an Australian member • “A Serene Heart” – from a member with mental illness who is on medication Page 22

  28. Basic Text – Filing the Gaps • “Just Say Yes” – from an Indian member now in the Middle East • “Mosaic” – from a Russian member • “It is worth it” – from a Columbian Member • “Sacred Places Inside” – from a female Iranian member • “NA is a Roadmap”- from a Portuguese member Page 22

  29. Basic Text Stories: Page 23 *got clean/now resides

  30. Basic Text Approval Draft changes: • “Introduction” to personal stories renamed “Introduction to Our Members Share” • Change to “Sacred Places Inside” to clarify member was “One of the first women” to get clean in her city/country. Page 24

  31. Basic Text Production and Pricing • Page count will increase from 286 to 416 pages • Book will be 6 x 9 instead of 51/2 x 81/2 • Price will increase from US $9.70 to $11.00 Page 28

  32. Basic Text Currently Approved Version – Language adopted in 1991 “The Basic Text, Fifth Edition, is the only edition of the Basic Text that is currently approved by the World Service Conference of Narcotics Anonymous for publication and sale. The World Service Office Board of Directors is entrusted with the responsibility for protecting the fellowship’s physical and intellectual properties, including the Basic Text, as at the board of director’s discretion, shall take legal action to protect those rights against any and all persons who choose to infringe upon this literature trust.” *This will be updated in GWSNA to clarify approval of 6th Edition in 2008 Page 29

  33. Basic Text Current Translations Policy 4 Options for Local Translation Committees: • Just translate Chapters 1 through 10 • Translate entire 5th Edition Personal Stories • Write their own local stories • Mix of English –language stories and local stories Page 30

  34. Basic Text Proposed Translations Policy • Local Translation Committees will be encouraged to translate some or all of the personal stories in the 6th Edition, as these reflect the global diversity of the fellowship • Local stories could be developed for translations of the Little White Book • Possible “grandfather” clause for existing translations Page 30

  35. Basic Text 6th Edition Motion 1: To replace the existing stories in the Fifth Edition Basic Text Narcotics Anonymous with those contained in Addendum B. Maker: World Board Page 24

  36. Basic Text 6th Edition Motion 2: To approve the remaining revisions to the Fifth Edition Basic Text Narcotics Anonymous as represented in Addendum B. This includes • the Preface to the Sixth Edition, • the titles "Our Program' and "Our Members Share," which would replace the titles "Book One" and "Book Two" respectively, • the Introduction to Our Members Share, • the abstracts, • the reflections, and • the titles and descriptions for the sections "Beginnings," "Coming Home," "Regardless of...," and "Life on Life's Terms.“ Maker: World Board Page 25

  37. Basic Text 6th Edition Motion 3: To allow the World Board to approve updates to the statistical information (the numbers of meetings, countries, and so on) in the Preface to the Sixth Edition Basic Text Narcotics Anonymous regularly with an "as of" date in the footnote. Maker: World Board Page 26

  38. Basic Text and Just for Today • 13 Quotations from personal stories in JFT • 1 Quote from new Youth IP • Plan is to remove all citations and explain at beginning of book that these passages are from literature no longer in print • Forward from 1991 WSC Lit Committee references 5th Edition BT - A footnote will be added to the forward • Similar process used for translated versions of JFT references to Literature not yet available in that language. Page 26

  39. Basic Text 6th Edition Motion 4: To approve the removal of the specific source citations in Just for Today for versions of literature no longer in print and to include, at the beginning of the book, an explanation that quotes without a citation are from previous versions of NA literature. Also to approve the use of a footnote in the foreword to Just for Today to update the reference to the Fifth Edition of the Basic Text. Maker: World Board Page 27

  40. Basic Text 6th Edition Motion 5: To approve the inclusion of an updated and revised index in the Sixth Edition of the Basic Text, Narcotics Anonymous. Maker: World Board Page 27

  41. Basic Text 6th Edition Motion 6: To approve two specific copyedits to the Basic Text Narcotics Anonymous: First, to replace the name "N.A." (with periods after the two capital letters) with "NA" (with no periods). Second, to remove the footnote in Tradition Eleven that mentions A Guide to Public Information Newly Revised. Maker: World Board Page 28

  42. Youth and Parent/Guardian IP’s

  43. Youth & Parent/Guardian IP’s • WSC 2006 participants overwhelmingly selected youth for first targeted literature project • Workgroup consisted of 8 members of between 18 and 30 years old with lengths of clean time from 18 months to 10 years • 2200 drafts of youth and parent/guardian piece were distributed for review between March and May 2007 • 200 pieces of input received from 7 countries and 30 US States • Workgroup factored in input in July 2007 meeting to create approval draft Page 31

  44. Youth IP Motion 7: To replace the existing IP #13, Youth and Recovery, with the revised draft contained in Addendum C and change the title of this IP to By Young Addicts, For Young Addicts. Maker: World Board Page 32

  45. Parents & Guardians Motion 8: To approve the draft of For the Parents or Guardians of Young People in NA contained in Addendum E as IP#27. Maker: World Board Page 33

  46. Regional Motions

  47. Medallion Production • Participants at WSC 2006 concurred with WB proposal to discontinue production of Roman Numeral Medallions • Decision was in large part due to production issues related to putting long clean time in center of small medallions. Also, Arabic numerals are more universally recognized. Roman numerals are only used in the US and Italy • For NAWS to produce both Roman and Arabic numeral medallions would mean managing 312 inventory items just for English-speaking NA members Pages 8, 41 - 42

  48. Medallion Production online survey ended March 1

  49. Medallion Production - MARLCNA Update: • As of February 1, over 5,400 responses to online survey • Overwhelming number of responses from US IP addresses • Survey indicates approximately 75% preference for Roman Numeral Medallions • Roman Numerals only commonly used in US and Italy • Survey more evenly split on bronze/nickel finish. Cost of nickel has increased 1,400%

  50. Medallion Production Motion 9: To add English Roman Numeral Medallions in Bronze to NAWS inventory as a specialty item and direct the World Board to price them accordingly. Maker: Tri-State Region Page 41