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On one side;

On one side;

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On one side;

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  1. Crisis Management from Within Governing Chaotic Situation Public Policies and Economic Reflections in Planned Period in TurkeyProf. Dr. İsmailBircanAtılım UniversityFaculty of Business ManagementAnkara, November 14-15 2013

  2. Today one of the most important subjects of Public Administration and Political Science is the discussion of chaotic situations at international level • This was accelerated by Arab Spring triggered in Tunisia recently.

  3. Atılım University, Department of Political Sciences and Public Administrationis hosting the 2nd Global Conference of AMEPPA to contribute to such discussions. • Over 50 scientists and academicians from 17 countries have been presentingpapers in Turkish, English and Arabic.

  4. Movements in the Middle East and re-structuringofthestates have affected not only politicians but also daily life from all aspects • Considerable amount of effort in academic field is needed to find out the meaning of such effects and develop solutions.

  5. On one side; (1) there are those having the optimistic approach of perceivingthe chaotic situation as a step of modernization While on the other side, (2) there are those pessimisticones endeavoring to find out the orbit of the change. Both cases deserve an analysis.

  6. For that reason, it is seen that academic cooperation from different countries and different networks at international level has been increasing. In order to conclude common efforts ina successful manner and put them in effect, it is inevitable to pursue solutions, to offer new prescriptions for chaotic situation in the Middle East from local to urban, to regional governments, to national government by means of new models at international level.

  7. This case is crucial for establishment of public policies, judgment and enhancement of interdisciplinary effectiveness. Turkey has encountered several problems during Planned Development period. Long-lasting inflation Domestic and overseas terrorist activities lasting over 30 years

  8. Very fast changing coalition governments Structural and conjunctionalunemployment and results thereof also affecting developed countries Overcoming natural disasters such as earthquake etc. Despite all of them; Turkish Public Administration has made essential development by means of central planning processes and local source mobilization.

  9. With Effectiveness in Public Administration; Turkey ranks number 16 among world economies today is at number 43 in terms of competitiveness Population increased from 13 million to 76 million. is one of G-20 countries.

  10. Turkey’s growth rate is 4.5% on average during last 50 years It has both economic and political results. World economy’s average growth rate is 3.3% in last 30 years of the same period. Industrialization and development efforts of Turkey have been continued uninterruptedly since foundation of the Republic (1923).

  11. A new period was started in development with the January 24, 1980 decisions on economy models. However, chaoticsituations such as post 1980 and 2001 February crisis have occurred During 12 years after 2001 crisis; 1. Price stability, 2. decrease of inflation rate to one-digit rate 3. over 5% growth with budget discipline and world cyclicsituation

  12. With envisaged public policies, Turkey adopted; • Mixed economy model in 1923-1950 • Transition from mixed economy model to private sector incentives in 1950-1961 • Inward oriented development model (financed by domestic sources) in 1961-1979 • Financed development model in 1980-2012 (with export increase)

  13. Turkey had 6 negative growths during last 50 yearsand managed to pass to positive growth inone year period each times. Turkish public administration and economic bureaucracy'svision and implementation experience have all played an essential role in overcoming such chaotic situations.

  14. During last 2 years Turkey has realized growth rate of; 6.6% in 2010 10.0% in 2011 Consistency of growth rate is essential for problem solving for a strong economy.

  15. On the other hand; In parallel to welfare increase in Turkey, The population increase rate of 12.2 to thousandth in 2006 will decrease to 10.8 to thousandth in 2018.

  16. Strategic Management application was initiated in2006 in a manner to cover solutions for chaoticsituations. Thustransparency and accountability has been legalized in public administration and performancebudget application was extended.

  17. Public administrations liable to prepare Strategic Plan Social security institutes 243 municipalities with population over 50 thousand 81 province administrations Over 15 State Economic Enterprises (SEE) were included in performance programs and thus consistency in public administration has been provided.

  18. Internal auditing in public has been extended. External auditing processes have been put into effect. All of these have been addressed within principles, objectives and policies of the 10th Development Plan.

  19. The 10th Development Plan covering 2014-2018 also envisages; a) Enhancement of rate and quality of public services, b)Extension of participation, c)Transparency and individual satisfaction.

  20. Turkey is the 16th biggest economy in the world with its purchase parity strength. In terms of competitiveness, it is at 43rd place among 144 countries. It occupies an essential position in terms of Middle East policies.

  21. Distribution on basis of sectors as of 2012 are as follows: GDP rates Agriculture 7.9% Industry 19.3% Services 61.9% 92% of Turkish export consists of industrial products and also it envisages to increase its export to 500 billion Dollars in 2023.

  22. In public administration; Together with consistency of stability and economic growth, Targets for 2023 have been envisaged. Thus in 2023; Turkey has targeted; To be among top 10 economies in the world To be among top 25 in competitiveness index To be in top 25 countries in humanitarian development index.

  23. Turkey has also been continuing to encourage regional cooperation for development. For that reason, Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency(TİKA) provides financial and technical support for Africa, Central Asia and African countries.

  24. Turkey considers İSEDAK as the most Important project of Islam World in economic and tradeaspect. This will also contribute to liberalization, democratization and development processes triggered by Arab Spring.

  25. There is a positive effect between public administrationprocesses and development. Aim of the Development; Enhance social welfare Enhance life standards Improve fundamental rights and freedoms Establish a peaceful living atmosphere.

  26. For qualified individuals and strong society; 1)Effective public administration solving crisis, eliminating chaoticsituation 2)Strong justice system are needed.

  27. In public administration, a strong civil society which; Protects its citizens Decrease chaotic situation for economy Establishes a structure enhancing predictability and sustainability Uses information and communication technology facilities well Acts flexible, participative, transparent in decision making processs with strong institutional capacity and is strong.

  28. With this the 2nd Global Conference we are holding here, will we be able to find answers for; 1)Leading to stable development from this chaotic situation in the Middle East, 2)providing prosperous social life, 3)Answers enabling government of Middle East countries based on state-social relations? No doubt, it will be subject to not only expertise of public administrators but also effective discussion of the matter in academic terms.

  29. In this regard, AMEPPA will establish platform to contribute to solving problems of the Region and transformation with support of academic world and academicians in “response to crisis” in short chaotic situation management taking into account the Turkey’s experience. Current chaotic situations will be discussed at the conference regarding each specified field.

  30. Also models and experiences of various sizes managed by various actors and institutions will be shared. The figures in public policies and public administration will present perspectives and strategies for such challenges.

  31. At national and international level public administration; 1-Establish stability, 2-Provide structural harmony regarding developments, 3- Resume duties for management of reform studies.

  32. On the other hand, academicians and public administrators are also expected to suggest perspectives and applications providing contribution to public administration literature.

  33. Production of regional and universal solutions will provide overcoming the chaotic situations more easily by humanity and countries.

  34. We are to establish stronger and more prosperous societies and strengthen the human capital. This requires; 1) International cooperation; 2) Information sharing, 3)Sharing skills and experiences of overcoming chaotic situation, 4)Human focused approach.

  35. I hope the conference will provide contribution to crisis settlement and faster, more permanentand sustainable solutions for chaotic situations. I would like to congratulate and wish success forall participants.

  36. Thank you.