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Pierre Trudeau

Pierre Trudeau

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Pierre Trudeau

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  1. Pierre Trudeau By: Matthew Holland and Andrew Hanoun

  2. Introduction Clips • •

  3. Table of Contents • Personal Life • Political Career • His accomplishments in Office • Pierre and the Crown • Legacy • Pictures

  4. Personal Life • Born on October 18, 1919 in Montreal • Father was Quebecois and his mother was of Scottish descent • Married Margaret Sinclair, a 22 year old, on March 4 1971, and had three children. • Legal separation in 1977 • Divorced in 1984 • Died in September 28, 2000 and was buried in the family crypt, St-Remi-de-Napierville Cemetery, Saint-Remi, Quebec.

  5. Political Career • The Liberal Party was looking to gather support from Quebec in 1965 and Pierre and two of his colleagues were invited • Trudeau became minister of justice in April 1967 • In a years time he had: • liberalized the divorce law, including mental and physical abuse and adultery into the allowed reasons for divorce. • reformed the criminal code of abortion and prostitution. • decriminalized homosexuality. Gay=OK

  6. Political Career Continued • In 1968 Pierre Trudeau won the liberal leadership convention after the resigning of Lester Pearson. • He then won a majority in the June election • In 1979 Pierre Trudeau had lost to the Progressive Conservatives lead by Joe Clark who gained a minority government • Liberals were defeated in a vote of Non-confidence and the Conservatives won a majority government with Pierre Trudeau as leader. • On the 29 of February Trudeau had decided to step down, and had formally retired on June 30 1984.

  7. His accomplishments in Office • Invoked the War Measure Act, in which the government were granted powers to arrest and detention without trial during the October crisis of 1970, where the Front de liberation Quebec had kidnapped Labour Minister Pierre Laporte and British trade Counsel James Cross. • Implemented official bilingualism, where all federal services must be offered in both French and English. • Kept Canada in firm relations with NATO Alliance • Had made Canada the first western Power to create diplomatic relations with the People’s of Republic of China • In 1972 he led the Liberals to win a minority government, and then on May 1974 his party won a majority government with 141 of the 264 seats Françai S English

  8. Accomplishments Continued • Instituted wage and price controls later in October 1975. • Had defeated the referendum on Quebec sovereignty with 60% of the votes against Rene Levesque. • He was able to come to an agreement with 9 out of the 10 provinces of Canada with the exception of Quebec, on amending the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and bringing it back to Canada. • On April 17 1982 the Constitution Act was proclaimed by Queen Elizabeth.

  9. Pierre and the Crown • He did not fully respect the royal symbols and the crowns which was demonstrated by many of his actions such as: sliding down banisters at Buckingham Palace, and pirouetting behind the Queen’s back in 1977. • He had also breached protocol when he had missed the Queens arrival and departure while vacationing in Morocco. • He invited Queen Elizabeth to attend the first Commonwealth conference held on Canadian soil to gain more support despite his dislike for her. • Trudeau had greatly supported the Monarchy and quoted: "I wouldn't lift a finger to get rid of the monarchy... I think the monarchy, by and large, has done more good than harm to Canada."

  10. Legacy • Constitutional: is the 1982 partition of the Canadian constitution from the British government so that Canadian Government could now change the Constitution without having to go to the British Government. • Bilingualism: made Canada a more bilingual country by making French and English Canada’s official Languages • Legacy with Respect to Quebec: Ensured that the Quebec separatism took a democratic and peaceful approach and also introduced the War Measures act.

  11. Pictures