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WED in Texas PowerPoint Presentation
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WED in Texas

WED in Texas

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WED in Texas

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  1. WED in Texas Weathering – Wear away or change the appearance or texture of something.

  2. Type of weatheringMechanical Mechanical Weathering – The physical breaking down of sediment without changing of the minerals.

  3. Abrasion The colliding of rocks hitting one another and smashing away at eachother.

  4. Exfoliation Rock exfoliation is form of mechanical weathering in which successive layers of a large plutonic rock break loose and fall when gravity pulls them down.

  5. Root Pry It is when the roots start to crack rock and go through it, and weather it.

  6. Thermal expansion and Contraction. • When the constant cycle of heating and cooling causes the rock to break into pieces and fall. •

  7. Type of weatheringChemical Chemical Weathering - The chemical breaking down of sediment while changing of the minerals happens.

  8. Oxidation Oxidation happens when the iron inside the rock combines with oxygen from water and turns red.

  9. Carbonic acid Carbonic acid forms when Water seeps through the soil and reacts to limestone/marble.

  10. Acid Rain Acid rain happens when curtain pollutants in the air combine with rain.

  11. Plant Acids Plant acid is when certain plants, like lichens, produce acid and breakdown the rock chemically.

  12. Erosion • The moving of sediment from one place to the next.

  13. Features of River, with Deposition and Erosion

  14. Tributary • A river receives water and sediment from a tributary- a smaller river or stream that flows onto it. In Texas •

  15. Oxbow Lake • An oxbow lake is a meander cut off from a river by deposition of sediment. In Texas •

  16. Valley Widening • As a river approaches sea level, it may meander more and develop a wider valley and a broader flood plain. In Texas

  17. Delta • Sediment deposited where a river flows into an ocean or lake builds up and makes a landform called a delta. In Texas

  18. Waterfall & Rapids Water fall and rapids are common where the river passes over harder rock. In Texas

  19. V-shaped Valley • Near it’s a source, a river often flows through a deep, V-shaped valley. As the river flows, it cuts a deeper valley. In Texas

  20. Meanders • Where river flows across easily eroded sediment, its channel bends from side to side in a series of meanders. In Texas

  21. Flood Plain • A flood plain forms when a river’s power of erosion widens its valley rather than deepening it. In Texas •

  22. Beaches • Sand carried down stream by rivers spreads along the coast to form beaches. In Texas •

  23. Deposition • Deposition is the leaving or dropping off of sediment.

  24. Delta • Sediment deposited where a river flows into an ocean or lake builds up and makes a landform called a delta. In Texas