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Act on feedback and insights faster with the Qualtrics app for Slack. Responses from Qualtrics are automatically directed to the right individuals and channels in Slack.

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Improve how you and your team share and act on insights with the Slack + Qualtrics app and integration

Using Slack + Qualtrics allows you to:

  • Distribute and take surveys in any Slack channel
  • Collect feedback in real-time within Slack
  • Utilize sophisticated survey functionality like branch logic, display logic and sentiment analysis with a simple
    inline interface
  • Receive alerts based on positive or negative feedback


  • If you don’t have a Qualtrics account or would like to see a demo of the functionality, click on ‘Request Demo’
  • Click on the “Add to Slack” button to install the Qualtrics app to your Slack workspace.  Please note that you must have this feature enabled on your Qualtrics account in order to use the application.
  • Follow the authentication steps to connect your Qualtrics account to Slack.

Outcomes Delivered

  • Close the loop with customers by alerting the right people and channels
  • Increase team visibility to experience feedback
  • Streamline workflows by using platforms your team already uses

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Automate alerts from survey responses to Slack members and channels

Once you’ve integrated your Qualtrics account with Slack, you can trigger a Slack message to be sent to someone when a survey response is submitted. It means the right people are automatically alerted when a survey response regarding them or their department is submitted.

Using the Slack + Qualtrics XM Platform integration allows you to:

  1. Share important feedback and information faster. Rather than sending email notifications that can go unread/unanswered for days, key stakeholders receive instant notifications in Slack.
  2. Coordinate and direct action. Based on how a customer responds to a survey, individuals or channels can be notified. Different conditions and responses can lead to different assignments, ensuring customer feedback gets to the right person or people.
  3. Connect any number of surveys. Regardless of the length, complexity or quantity of surveys in Qualtrics, you can connect with Slack to fit your needs.

Additional Resources

  1. Qualtrics support documentation for Slack
  2. Qualtrics on the Slack App Directory

Solution Details

Required License: Research Core 3+, Customer Experience 1+ or Employee Experience 1+

This integration is an add-on feature not included in the standard Qualtrics license. If you’re an existing Qualtrics customer, contact your Account Executive. If you do not know your Account Executive, please request a demo above.



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