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MaxDiff Analysis - Product Prioritization MaxDiff Analysis - Product Prioritization

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MaxDiff Analysis - Product Prioritization

Discover customer preferences and priorities for product features and attributes

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MaxDiff Analysis

Understanding what types of tradeoffs customers are willing to make helps you build better products. MaxDiff analysis (sometimes called Best-Worst Scaling) enables customers to prioritize product features, messages, benefits or claims. MaxDiff analysis leverages our innate ability to identify the best and worst from a list and provides a rank-ordered list of preferences.

MaxDiff analysis is particularly useful when you want to:

  • Understand the priorities that customers have for product development
  • See the most impactful messages and claims about a product that resonate with the audience
  • Identify clusters of your market that have similar preferences and priorities

Outcomes Delivered

  1. View customer preferences in a prioritized, rank-order list
  2. Understand preference gaps and differentiation between features
  3. Conduct cluster analysis to pinpoint individuals with similar preferences and priorities

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Easily Capture Customer Preferences

MaxDiff makes it simple for customers to identify their preferences – allowing you to see what features offer the most value.

Preferences by Segment

Understand your customer segments with just a few clicks. You can visualize customer preferences by segment allowing you to design better, more tailored products.

What You Get


An expert-built MaxDiff survey template loaded with the right questions to save time and get results faster.

  • Product research subject matter expert designed methodology
  • Pre-built logic and survey structure
  • Automated workflow


Use your own internal customer lists or use Qualtrics Research Services to get responses from a panel of your target audience.

With every MaxDiff analysis project, you’ll see exactly how many responses you need to get statistically significant results. As you build out your variables, the platform will automatically update with the number of responses you need.

We make it easy to get responses:

  • Upload your own contacts
  • Purchase respondents directly in Qualtrics


Get instant analysis of your data. Pre-built reports help you spend less time analyzing data, and more time delivering results.

  • Instant analysis of your data
  • Identify preference share all the way down to individual features
  • Simulator tool allows you to see the impact of changes in real time

Additional Resources

  1. Qualtrics Support: Getting Started with MaxDiff Projects in Qualtircs
  2. eBook: 12 Business Decisions you can Optimize with Conjoint Analysis
  3. Article: An Introduction to MaxDiff Analysis & Design

Solution Details

Required License: Research Core 3

Support Documentation: Getting Started with MaxDiff Projects in Qualtircs



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