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360 Development

Develop your people at every level to power growth and innovation

With data-driven actionable insights that are personalized to each employee, 360 Development helps your talent build upon their skills, understand their individual challenges, and take the right actions to ultimately boost business impact.

Chart of 360 competencies with KPIs of engagement, experience gap, intent to stay, inclusion, and well-being

Supercharge your employees’ development—
without additional overhead

  • Jumpstart your development program using our expert-created, out-of-the-box development framework for senior leaders, people managers and individual contributors
  • Scale development programs more efficiently for more of your people, through automated nomination, evaluation and reporting workflows
  • Enable employees to own more of the 360 processes and reduce dependency on HR teams with the intuitive participant portal
An image of personalized development tips with half-pie charts tacking trust of others and expression of feelings An image of personalized development tips with half-pie charts tacking trust of others and expression of feelings

Empower employees to own their development and learning

  • Automatically aggregate multi-rater feedback into personalized subject reports that provide relevant insights to each employee based on their function and development plan
  • Link actions to specific learning resources within the flow of feedback – including to LMS courseware, LinkedIn Learning and other third party content – to help employees start closing development gaps immediately
  • Ensure employees can give open and honest feedback without compromising confidentiality through anonymity thresholds

Image of toggles showing evaluator option and manager options within platform

Deliver highly tailored development programs
that drive positive change

  • Create flexible, customized workflows that best fit your organization’s needs by selecting unique evaluator, manager, and subject options —
    you decide the process, the content and how it’s reported
  • Deliver personalized reports for each employee, which include comprehensive feedback that is most relevant to their role and development plan
  • Design and use your own custom competencies that reflect your organization’s unique culture and values

Easily identify development gaps across your organization

  • Access aggregated 360 results in a centralized and
    flexible dashboard
  • Quickly understand development opportunities across scaled group such as functional teams or by role or level.
  • Identify, track and measure employee development programs over time using real-time analytics and powerful
    data visualization
  • Connect employee development outcomes with critical business metrics to prove ROI and development impact
Multiple bar charts next to each other showing core competencies and skill gaps

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Image of points of contact for an employee, including the candidate experience, onboarding experience, engagement, and exit feedback

Connect your 360 program with other employee listening tools from Qualtrics

360 Development connects with other solutions across the Qualtrics EmployeeXM platform to help you understand and take action on the broader employee experience

  • Based on engagement insights, senior leaders and managers can initiate a 360 assessment directly from their engagement dashboard to dive deeper into competencies that require further development
  • Connect 360 Development outcomes with insights from other employee Lifecycle moments to generate a comprehensive view of how employees are feeling about your organization at key points in time
  • Create a competitive advantage with optimized candidate and employee development experiences that enable you to attract, develop and retain the best talent possible

World class 360 Development services

We work with a broad range of advisory and implementation partners with deep employee and leadership development expertise.

Our certified partners can help you create a new employee development program or scale an existing program to more levels
of talent.

Our world-class services and consulting can work with your in-house teams to help you deliver a comprehensive development program that meets the unique needs of your organization and maximize your
employee development ROI.

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What is 360 Development?

360 Development from Qualtrics enables Learning and Development, Operations, HR, and People Analytics teams to drive development change across their organization with unprecedented speed, ease and confidence.

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