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Digital Customer Service

Meet evolving
customer expectations

Our new normal consists of customers increasingly shopping online, making it mission critical for companies to place a greater emphasis on the digital customer journey moving forward as consumers demand great experiences. From email and text (SMS) to social media and messaging apps, handle all of your digital customer service needs in one spot to save time and money for your business and customers with Qualtrics.

Phone showing customer feedback dashboard

Take control of your digital experience

One UI: All digital channels

Provide omnichannel customer service by meeting customers on their preferred channel through a single platform with connections to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SMS, Email, WhatsApp, Chat, Forums, Blogs, review sites,  and more.

Leverage intelligent automation

Use and optimize automation in the contact center to improve chatbots, alert agents to follow up with customers, route to the appropriate agents for a job, and escalate issues when needed in one spot.

Evaluate everything, everywhere

From chat volumes to sentiment, to agent performance, evaluate all digital interactions at scale to ensure quality of service is consistent. Plus, leverage the integration with XM Discover to expand omnichannel analytics to calls, get deeper into social data, and much more.

Many different messages showing a variety of company feedback from many channels

Customer service wherever your customers are

Qualtrics connects you to the dozens of digital channels your customers already use every day. Connect to 35+ streams including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and SMS in one unified platform. Provide digital customer service on the channels that your customers use most.

Wave hi to automation, bye to manual tasks

Route messages to the right contact center agents, at the right time, using categories specific to your business. Automatically alert agents to follow-up with customers and create custom workflows to handle simple chat conversations, concerns, or commonly asked questions.

Flow creation for airline customer service
User activity by topic. Activity per agent.

Improve agent coaching with powerful insights

Evaluate agent performance and understand which agents or teams best handle specific topics, drivers of first resolution rates, and more. View performance metrics and create alerts when benchmarks dip so you can handle small problems before they become big ones.

The future of customer care is digital ebooks


Look to the future of digital customer service

Uncover the trends guiding the future of customer service and how Qualtrics can help. In this eBook you’ll learn:

  • Why personalized experiences are vital to better digital customer service
  • How fast businesses should respond to outreach
  • How obeying the ten-minute “rule” impacts business outcomes
Download now

Expand your insights with XM Discover

Augment your social analytics by feeding your social data into XM Discover for more in-depth insights into competitors, brand awareness, and so much more.

  • Seamless integration with XM Discover gives your business the power of omnichannel analytics on all data.
  • Enhance the power of social insights with natural language understanding enrichments including emotional intensity, empathy detection, Intelligent Scoring, and industry-specific sentiment and effort detection.
Charts showing how topics and effort have changed on a weekly basis for customers

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