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Competitive Benchmarking Study Competitive Benchmarking Study

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Competitive Benchmarking Study

See how your brand is performing against the competition in your market and spot opportunities to get ahead of your competitors.

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Competitive Benchmarking

Understand your brand’s current position in the market and see how you stack up against the competition. A Competitive Benchmarking project gives you real-time data on the experience your brand is delivering consumers in comparison to your competitors. It helps you to identify areas of improvement and keep track of your competitors to spot opportunities to optimize your strategy and get ahead of them.

Competitive Benchmarking can help your company:

  1. Understand how your brand stacks up against competitors
  2. Identify strengths to leverage in communications and brand strategy
  3. Identify key areas for improvement in order to stay relevant in the market
  4. Create a brand strategy that reflects consumer needs

Outcomes Delivered

  1. Understand brand performance in relation to competition
  2. Refine your brand strategy
  3. Create more impactful marketing materials

Category Tags

Determine brand position in the market

Compare your brand to competitors on key brand metrics to identity your relative strengths and weaknesses

Better understand different brand experiences

Dive deep into the experience consumers have with your brand and your competition, and develop strategies to deliver a better brand experience and stand out from the crowd

What You Get

Expert-built Surveys

An expert-built survey template preloaded with the right questions to help you save time and get results faster.

  • Ph.D. designed methodology
  • Questions customized to your brand & market
  • Prebuilt logic and survey structure
  • Automated workflow

Response Recommendations

A recommended number of respondents to maximize confidence in your data, specific to your project design. For example, a typical competitive benchmarking study would require a respondent sample 200 for each brand included in the analysis.

We make it easy to get responses:

  • Upload your own contacts
  • Purchase respondents directly in Qualtrics

Prebuilt Reports

Get instant analysis of your data. Pre-built reports help you spend less time analyzing data, and more time delivering results.

  • Pre-built reports to help you spend less time analyzing data, and more time delivering results
  • Advanced cluster analysis to identify segments in the market
  • Analysis tools to enable you to understand who each segment is and which segments are of most value to your company

Implementation & Service

A dedicated Qualtrics Research Services representative will work with you to identify program scope, design, and provide XM Solution content with custom logo/branding.

Post deployment, a Qualtrics Research Services representative will work with you to make sure your research program is running smoothly, provide support, and alert you to new features and updates.

Let them be your personal concierge in integrating Qualtrics XM technology with your business.

Implementation services and integrations cost dependent on number of surveys and dashboard configurations and advanced add-on features.

Methodology and Process

Qualtrics uses a 4 phase approach to implement and deploy a brand experience research program:

  1. Develop
  2. Amplify
  3. Optimize
  4. Maintain

Plus, once you’re up and running, you’ll get access to additional resources to develop and mature your brand experience research program including information on new surveys, dashboards, features, and industry benchmarks as soon as they’re released.

Solution Details

Required License: Research Core 3



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