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Cross Tabulation Tools

Segmentation, comparison and analysis made easy

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Get feedback and insights from the right respondents, wherever they are, with omnichannel survey distributions. Send surveys through email, mobile, online, offline, SMS, wearables and many more.

  • Increase your research speed with faster responses
  • Get higher quality data with surveys on respondents’ preferred device
  • Distribute surveys across multiple channels in a few clicks
  • Target precise customer segments

Insights beyond compare

Easily drill down into your data

Watch your data come to life as you learn how distinct groups responded in easy-to-read matrix comparisons. Multi-level Drill Down enables you to put multiple levels of data on a banner or stub, and even merge groups. For example, you’ll see at a glance your see statistics for household income, gender, age or any other variable.

Automated statistics get straight to the insights

You don’t need a PhD to understand differences between group means – Qualtrics does the heavy lifting for you, automatically running the appropriate tests like T-tests, P-values and Chi-square to surface insights in seconds.

Export your data to other programs

You can export your cross tabs into SPSS, Excel and other formats with a single click for easy analysis outside of the Qualtrics platform.

Start using cross tab analysis

Your survey results and analysis tools all in one platform

Cross tabulation is just the start – with Qualtrics you have a complete analytics suite at your disposal. Powered by iQ, our predictive intelligence platform, it’s all just a few clicks away and includes:

What is cross tabulation analysis?

When conducting survey analysis, cross tabulations (aka crosstabs or contingency table) are a method used in qualitative research. Crosstab is commonly utilized in the analysis of survey results to seek out relationships and interactions between two variables by laying each variable out on a table. Before modern research platforms like Qualtrics, this sort of analysis was done in tools like SPSS. Now you can quickly run a crosstab in the same place you have your surveys and responses.

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