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Employee Engagement Action Planning

Empower your managers and drive employee experience

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Help managers act on their team’s feedback with customizable action plans created just for them. Automatically pinpoint opportunity areas for every manager in the organization and leverage Qualtrics EmployeeXM technology to automatically provide specific actions and best-practice guidance to help them improve the experience for their teams.

  • Create a closed-loop system to ensure feedback is turned into action
  • Empower managers by making their data, insights, and recommendations fully accessible and actionable (no long HR write-ups that get lost in a paper trail)
  • Automatically deliver manager action plans based on their team’s feedback results using AI technology
  • Use Qualtrics best-practice content or upload your own

Take action on employee engagement feedback — and drive business results

Close the loop on employee feedback

When people’s feedback results in real change, they’re much more engaged. EmployeeXM Engagement Action Plans create a closed-loop system, giving every leader and manager the power to make an impact in the areas their people care about most.

Let managers take action while HR focuses on the rest

Now, managers can easily see the areas they need to focus on and track their progress as they take action — gone are the days of paper reports sitting on desks while HR crosses their fingers that each manager will know what to do next. This frees up your HR team to focus on strategy, and gives managers all the guidance and support they need to improve the experience for their people.

The most configurable action-planning solution on the market

Your employee engagement action plans are completely adaptable to your business’ needs. Because they’re fully integrated with the EmployeeXM platform, you get customizable best-practice actions designed by our team of I/O psychologists. Or, if you prefer, you can use your own content and best practices to help guide manager action and embed a culture of action in your organization.

Start turning feedback into action and
boost employee performance

See what's happening across the organization

As well as giving managers the tools to take control of their own growth, HR leaders can view all action plans in motion, so you can check in with managers and guide the organization’s strategic transformation. Identify what’s working so you can scale best practices and identify where managers may need more support.

Know exactly what to focus on

Using Artificial Intelligence, EmployeeXM automatically surfaces the actions likely to have the biggest impact on your people so managers know exactly where to focus, and what to prioritize to create breakthrough employee experiences.

What is an employee engagement action plan?

An employee engagement action plan is the process that organizations use to quickly identify changes that it can make to improve employee experience. With only 30% of employees engaged in their work, it’s more important than ever to measure and improve engagement. HR leaders understand that an effective employee engagement strategy is critical to improving performance, engagement rates, and drive innovation. However, traditionally after an employee survey is complete, managers would receive feedback with no clear path forward. Employee engagement action plans gives every manager best practice guidance and recommended actions they should focus on to drive improvement within their teams. The Qualtrics EmployeeXM Engagement Action Plan automatically analyzes a team’s feedback and surfaces a manager’s top focus area – for example, empowering the team to shape their roles. It then delivers personalized directions for managers to take actions such as “ask my team for ideas to improve” or “find projects where employees can assume autonomy.” The personalized directions surfaced are based on research in leadership and manager effectiveness, team dynamics, motivation, and more, that are important to driving overall employee engagement and experience. Within each action, managers can drill down and outline specific action items to create a personalized action plan for themselves. It goes beyond surfacing broad areas for improvement and offers specific actions leaders can take on the feedback they receive.

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