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Employee Engagement Software

Real-time employee engagement insights

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Over 11K brands and 99 of the top 100
business schools use the Qualtrics employee engagement platform

Empower every manager in your organization to improve employee engagement with real-time insights that show them exactly where to focus their efforts to increase employee performance. Employee engagement solutions enable you to:

  • Improve employee engagement across the organization
  • Act quickly on real-time data to address problems
  • See how your actions impact employee workplace productivity and
    organizational KPIs
  • Enable managers with data and action planning
  • Reduce unwanted and costly attrition and improve employee retention
  • Compare your engagement results with global, industry, and
    Fortune 500 benchmarks

Meet your world-class employee engagement tool

Personalize the experience

Identify every experience that matters to your employees and automatically deliver real-time insights to leadership teams so they can take action. Employee feedback software automatically maps to your organization’s org chart so everyone can see the insights that matter most to them.

Get employee feedback at scale

Create a digital open door by enabling your employees to give feedback how and when it suits them. Our scalable employee engagement software, complete with pre-packaged expert content and an employee survey tool, helps you capture ongoing employee feedback to drive organizational change.

Actionable insights that drive impact

Turn your employee feedback into genuine improvements with analytics designed to drive actions for businesses. As data flows into the platform, you’ll see which key drivers to focus on so you can have the biggest impact on engagement, as well as the ability to track your improvements with action-planning features, including an employee engagement survey tool that simplifies the process of follow-up pulse surveys.

See how our employee engagement software works

Your organization might be complex. Your employee engagement software shouldn’t be.

Let our employee engagement survey software do the heavy lifting for you – our patented organization hierarchy tool automatically maps feedback to your structure, no matter how complex. It means dashboards and results are pre-configured to provide the right data to every team leader and manager in the organization, not just the human resources department. With 20+ filters that allow them to drill down into employee feedback, they can find engagement drivers at every level of the organization.

text analytics in employee engagement

Intelligent analytics for employee engagement

Find insights hidden deep in your employee feedback system with iQ, our predictive intelligence engine that applies artificial intelligence and machine learning to employee engagement responses in real-time.

  • Spot themes and trends in open text feedback with sentiment and topic analysis in Text iQ
  • Find relationships between employee engagement outcomes with powerful statistical analysis that’s just one click through Stats iQ
  • Spot problems early with automated at-risk alerts for critical issues like attrition with Predict iQ

Employee engagement solution out of the box

Build a world-class employee engagement program in no time, with Certified XM Solutions – pre-packaged expert content including employee survey software, workflow, automation, and action planning built directly into the platform.

What is employee engagement?

Employee engagement is a measure of someone’s attitude at work; how they think, feel and act towards helping their employer meet their goals. Employee engagement is a holistic way to measure employee feeling toward their employer, job, and overall role. Employee engagement can take into account satisfaction, happiness, and commitment to helping their employer reach its goals. Highly engaged employees, coupled with the right skill set and proper role leads to employees and companies meeting and exceeding their goals.

What is employee engagement software?

Employee engagement software helps you to first understand what motivates your people to go above and beyond at work, and then design a system of action to build these insights into your organization. It helps organizations measure, design, and improve employee experiences to keep your best people and attract top talent.

Why use employee engagement software?

Employee engagement software, such as Qualtrics Employee Experience Management, helps you to first understand what motivates your people to go above and beyond at work, and then design a system of action to build these insights into your organization. Good Employee engagement software will enable you to increase engagement and productivity by:
  • Increasing organizational understanding of employee experience gaps and fostering continuous actions at all levels of the organization to close the gaps
  • Building internal EX capability to ensure HR has the culture, competencies, and technology to impact the business
It should also be a driver of attracting top talent by:
  • Enabling recruitment teams to close candidate experience gaps
  • Finding, hiring, and retaining top talent to build critical skills and competencies and foster a diverse and inclusive culture
  • Effectively communicating the employer brand and culture throughout external and internal channels
  • Increasing offer acceptance rate and reducing time-to-hire with great candidate experiences at all touchpoints
Employee engagement software also allows you to retain your top talent and build a talent-first culture by:
  • Developing the talent needed to improve organizational strength and achieve – business goals
  • Developing skilled and adaptable teams needed to drive business performance and navigate change
  • Empowering the organization to act on insights from employee feedback
  • Being able to proactively act, easily measure, and clearly communicate talent results and business impact

What are the benefits of employee engagement software?

  • One of the biggest benefits of employee engagement software is that it enables organizations to increase engagement and productivity. This is achieved by increasing organizational understanding of employee experience gaps and fostering continuous actions at all levels of the organization to close the gaps.
  • Employee engagement software also helps attract top talent by enabling recruitment teams to close candidate experience gaps during the interview process. This means finding, hiring, and retaining top talent to build critical skills and competencies and foster a diverse and inclusive culture.
  • Employee engagement software is a proven driver of revenue, quality, productivity, and customer satisfaction. With only 30% of employees engaged in their work, it’s more important than ever to measure and improve engagement.
  • That’s where we come in. With Qualtrics Employee Experience software, we make it easy for you to figure out which levers to pull to increase engagement — and we do it in real-time.
  • Proves that employee and management efforts are working and provides the efficiency and success that every company needs.

What are the key features of employee engagement software?

  • It’s important that you’re able to integrate HR, business processes, and systems (your operational data or O-data) with feedback from your employees on their experiences (experience data or X-data).
  • Your O-data tells you what’s happening, whereas your X-data tells you why. It’s important that your employee engagement software doesn’t just give you the what, but helps you to understand why, why should you give certain employee recognition?
  • This not only helps you to maintain a holistic view of the workforce and understand the impact of workforce decisions, but also helps to drive employee engagement and productivity. Which in turn reduces attrition.
  • However, one of the most important employee engagement software features is going beyond the what and the why to give you insights coupled with actions. Without action, it’s impossible to improve.
  • With Qualtrics Employee Experience Management, you’ll get data, insights, and actions. This means you can loop at speed, for both programmatic and real-time experience improvements – complete performance management.
  • Not only that, but you’ll be easily able to Identify drivers of engagement and productivity at the team, region, and division level and then ensure local and macro actions are taken.
  • With Qualtrics Employee Experience Management you’ll also get global benchmarks, which can be filtered by region. Then prioritize action areas with industry benchmarks.
  • With key drivers, text analytics, and stats correlations built into the platform, we surface areas for the organization to focus on without having to spend hours exporting experience and operational data for analysis into SPSS or other systems.
  • While these statistical tools can be used at any level in the organization, the most powerful key drivers surface at the highest levels to identify the policies, processes, and programs that employees struggle with the most.
  • Qualtrics Employee Experience Management also offers best-in-class security, data privacy, and compliance (GDPR, HITRUST, ISO27001, FedRamp). Plus, Data isolation provides an even greater level of security protection. Enhanced confidentiality is an industry-leading, patent-pending technology that safeguards employees’ confidentiality.

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