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Employee pulse survey tool

Get fast, and frequent employee feedback with pulse survey software

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Get closer to your employee engagement and track improvements over time with more frequent feedback from your employees. With Qualtrics employee pulse surveys, you can measure fluctuations in engagement and step in to improve the experience faster than ever.

  • Frequently, quickly, and easily measure employee experience and organizational health
  • Track progress on company-wide HR initiatives like inclusion and diversity or career development
  • Collect ongoing feedback from employees about specific projects or workstreams

The Power of Pulse Surveys

Understand your people

With an easy-to-use survey builder, in-product expertise, and intuitive employee directory management, ongoing pulse programs give you actionable, ongoing employee insights to drive better employee experience.

Gather frequent real-time insights

Make your decisions based on real-time insights with role based dashboards that help leaders and people managers act on employee feedback more frequently. With built-in and automatic analytics, drill down reporting, and robust filtering, it’s easy for even the most complex organizations to quickly gain a real-time understanding of their employees.

Insights that impact the bottom line

Turn your insights into business impact with built-in action planning tools and expertise that help your managers implement improvements and monitor progress of the actions that will improve the employee experience.

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Enterprise-grade survey software where you're in control

Stay in control of your employee experience with professional-grade survey software with you in the driving seat. Choose from a pre-built program, or create, test, and customize your employee surveys in minutes with no coding or IT support required. With multiple question types, embedded data, advanced branching and display logic, triggers, and mobile compatibility, it’s never been easier to put the voice of your employees at the heart of your most critical decisions.

Intelligent analytics at your fingertips

Ensure your leaders get every ounce of insight from their employee pulse surveys with iQ – our predictive intelligence engine that bakes artificial intelligence and machine learning right into your employee pulse dashboards. iQ automatically analyzes and surfaces critical employee insights within the data. With advanced statistical, predictive, and text-based analysis, you’ll instantly know which actions to take to have the biggest impact on your organization’s KPIs.

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Breakthrough XM technology, backed by the world’s largest XM professional network

Drive company-wide improvements

Enable leaders at every level of the organization to drive change and monitor progress. With customizable and pre-built action plans, managers can set due dates, collaborate with other leaders or team members and outline the specific tasks they need to complete to achieve results.

You’ll be able to keep them on track too with action planning reports that make it easy to track progress by team, department, and topic, so you’ll be able to see where you need to focus your efforts to help managers drive through their improvements.

What are Employee Pulse Surveys?

While full-scale employee engagement programs are an extremely effective method for delivering robust employee engagement insights they can also be limited in their flexibility and ability to capture frequent changes and developments in employee engagement and experience. In fact, organizations can no longer afford to wait a year or two to gather employee and organizational data. Employee pulse surveys are the answer to providing more frequent, agile, and actionable employee feedback to drive organization impact. Employee pulse program harness the power of the Qualtrics employee experience platform, offering automated organizational hierarchy management, intelligent text and statistical analytics, and action planning built directly into the software. Now, people analytics teams can easily, quickly, and flexibly deploy pulse surveys, collect feedback into easy-to use dashboards, analyze data in real-time, and manage the entire action and impact reporting from within a single dashboard.

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