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Qualtrics acquires SurveyVitals, continuing its mission of transforming patient experiences. Learn more


Drive quality improvement and elevate empathy
in healthcare

Exceptional patient and employee experiences are key to quality improvement in healthcare. Getting it right goes beyond patient satisfaction surveys and requires a complete understanding of emotion, intent and effort across every interaction.

Uncover what matters most to staff and patients. With Qualtrics, you’ll get a 360° view of the entire healthcare experience so you can take the right actions at the right time and continuously improve every experience for your patients and your people, all while achieving regulatory and security requirements.

Helping the world’s leading healthcare companies improve staff and patient experience

Hear from leaders in healthcare experience management

Your healthcare experience
management team

Our team of experts work with providers, payers, and life sciences organizations around the world to help them design and optimize staff and patient experiences that drive quality improvement and enable empathy at scale.

Susan Haufe

Healthcare Industry Leader

Susan has 20+ years experience building customer-centric cultures. Before Qualtrics, she led experience programs at Yale New Haven Health and Virginia Mason Medical Center. Building on her experience and listening to the needs of healthcare leaders worldwide, she defines Qualtrics’ vision and strategy to enable experience management
in healthcare.

Adrienne Boissy

Chief Medical Officer

A healthcare industry pioneer, Adrienne envisions an integrated patient and employee experience in healthcare powered by empathy, technology, co-design, and evidence-based research. She publishes extensively on the future of experience design and metrics that matter in humane experiences of health. She is a practicing neurologist and the former Chief Experience Officer of the Cleveland Clinic.

Deliver breakthrough healthcare experiences

Discover what they need, understand how they feel, and predict what they’ll do next with Qualtrics XM.

The XM platform is used by healthcare leaders to understand what people are saying about your organization, wherever they are saying it. The ultimate listening tool, XM easily surfaces insights, from the contact center to the web - and everywhere in between, to help you design experiences that improve satisfaction, loyalty and trust. Find out how we work with: Healthcare providers, Payers, and Life Sciences.

Safe, secure, and certified
for the healthcare industry

  • Keep your data safe and secure on the enterprise-grade Qualtrics platform, and have complete trust with tight privacy, monitoring, and data access controls.
  • We’re an approved HCAHPS vendor and HITRUST certified, so you can rest assured the XM Platform gives you all the tools you need to manage HIPAA compliance.

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