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Digital XM Solution for Telehealth Digital XM Solution for Telehealth

XM Solution Guided Program

Digital XM Solution for Telehealth

Improve the telehealth experience to adapt to changing patient needs and increase access to care with the Qualtrics Digital XM Solution for Telehealth.

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Patients today are looking for safe and effective flexible options to receive the care they need. Recent changes in regulations are making it easier for providers to deliver telehealth experiences.

The Qualtrics Digital XM Solution for Telehealth enables providers to listen to patient feedback after a telehealth visit, understand the experience, and take action to make changes and improvements.

The pre-built, automated solution is designed by healthcare and digital experience experts to measure CSAT, ease of use, care experience, and likelihood to return.

Join the ranks as a digital health experience leader:

  1. Capture patient experience feedback with post transaction listening
  2. Understand the key drivers of low patient satisfaction and decreased adoption
  3. Prioritize focus areas that will deliver the greatest impact on outcomes and brand perception

Outcomes Delivered

  1. Increase access to healthcare
  2. Improve patient and provider satisfaction
  3. Expand revenue streams

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What You Get

The Qualtrics Digital XM Solution for Telehealth is designed out of our best-in-class Digital CX platform and comes with pre-built telehealth surveys, digital intercepts, and reporting dashboards.

Listen to patients and providers, understand the telehealth experience, and take action in the moments that matter most with the Qualtrics Digital XM Solution for Telehealth.

Live Dashboards with Personalized views

Analyze patient experience data in real-time and
segment by provider, demographic, or other pre-defined variables. Administrators and frontline workers alike can see the metrics that matter most to their roles using the XM Solution for Telehealth.

Organizational Collaboration

Share critical insights with practitioners and departments across your organization and send alerts for immediate action.

Mobile-Optimized Visualizations

Stay up to date while on the go and share insights via phone or tablet with the Qualtrics XM app available on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Solution Details

Required License: CustomerXM

Any Qualtrics support issues can be directed to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



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