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Customer Preference Collection XM Solution Customer Preference Collection XM Solution

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Customer Preference Collection XM Solution

Supercharge Experience ID customer profiles by collecting preference data at scale and delivering meaningful content recommendations in real time on your website

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Included with Digital CX License

The Customer Preference Collection XM Solution enables brands to capture preference information such as demographics, habits, hobbies and budgets, that customers are willing and happy to share. This data flows into Experience ID, our intelligent database, that pulls in all experience and operational data shared by customers and then organizes all of this data into unique individual profiles that include end-to-end journeys.

This ultimately empowers brands to deliver personalized digital experiences that fit in the context of the customer journey, ultimately meeting ever-changing customer preferences — all at scale for individual customers, segments or cohorts.

This solution empowers brands to:

  1. Develop deeper customer relationships at scale by collecting preference data directly from customers
  2. Deliver elegant and integrated experiences that fit in the context of the customer journey
  3. Engage with end users and deliver personal experiences, meeting ever-changing customer preferences

Outcomes Delivered

  1. Drive faster, more profitable revenue growth and improve brand perception
  2. Supercharge customer profiles with preference information at scale
  3. Deliver meaning product recommendations in real-time

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Collect preference data quickly and easily with elegant and integrated experiences

The solution comes complete with out-of-the-box questions including demographics, habits, hobbies and budgets to get you started right away.

Deliver meaningful content recommendations in real time

Redirect users to the correct product or content page after understanding their preferences. Use our templated questions for financial services, travel & hospital, or retail/CPG industries. Easily customize page redirects with an intuitive wizard.

What You Get

Easily design, build, and deploy the Customer Preference Collection XM Solution through our drag-and-drop studio. The solution comes straight out of the box with questions designed by experts.

Simply install and get started. Use the solution to:

  • Generate pipeline and leads
  • Deliver targeted email campaigns and offers
  • Deliver targeted interactions in real time

Solution Details

Included with Customer XM for Digital license. Also available for purchase for customers with the Website and App Feedback add-on.



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