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Deliver breakthrough
digital experiences

As a digital leader, being able to design and deliver digital experiences that boost the brand and the bottom line is vital. It requires listening to your customers across the entire digital journey, identifying experience gaps impacting the business, and knowing how to fix them.

Improve conversion and build customer loyalty

Turn customer feedback from your website and mobile app into experiences that increase engagement, convert potential buyers, and drive upsell into other products or services.

Outcomes we deliver

  • Make it easy for customers to complete their desired tasks.
  • Increase brand favorability and conversion with stronger, more relevant content.
  • Maximize customer uptake and usage of new digital products and services with real-time insight into performance.
  • Boost brand perception and app store ranking by improving the in-app experience.

Take action in real-time

Meet your customers where they are

Turn customer feedback into something you can act on. Listen to customers at every stage of their journey through web, mobile app, chatbots and SMS; and understand how to improve the digital experience.

Predict customer behavior and outcomes

Uncover signals that lead to frustration or churn, identify at-risk customers and close experience gaps with predictive analytics.

Prioritize actions with the biggest impact

Surface actionable insights across the organization, prioritize and take action on the areas that will drive the highest business impact.

Purpose-built for digital teams

Measure website & mobile app effectiveness

Understand the website/app user experience including effort, success, and emotion to identify experience gaps. Use this to guide design decisions and increase CSAT and brand perception.

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Optimize conversion across the digital journey

Improve the conversion rate of key moments in the digital journey, such as the check out experience, and increase revenue growth as a result.

Measure & optimize your digital content

Optimize digital marketing and support content for improved effectiveness to reduce support costs and improve brand perception.

Market research

Perform research against target audiences in digital channels to address questions regarding product development, buyer segmentation, marketing messaging and competitor analysis.

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Targeted content delivery

Deliver targeted ads, offers, and notifications to drive customer conversion and retention.

Measure ad effectiveness

Use robust targeting technology to measure ad effectiveness and capture demographic details of your site visitors. Use that data to improve positioning to advertisers.

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Usability testing

Enable random or conditional targeting to understand how different segments respond to experiences. Invite respondents to participate in panels, then capture feedback after they navigate your site.

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Mobile app review

Solicit iOS and Android app ratings. Analyze and take action on app reviews to improve app store ranking and conversion.

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Digital service delivery

Capture customer feedback on digital services such as customer support via chat or video. Identify key drivers behind CSAT and prioritize key actions to drive improvement.

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Intelligent listening

Improve your customer feedback with sophisticated targeting and use dozens of behavioral and location-based criteria to ask the right customers, the right questions at the right time. Available integrations include Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics and others.

Easy setup and full
creative control

Our easy-to-use interface gives you complete control over the listening experience. With fully responsive creative and easy survey authoring, you can quickly create and launch your digital CX program across any device. Program changes are easy to make without IT or vendor support.

Predictive intelligence
and analytics

Access breakthrough insights through intuitive role-based dashboards, predict customer behavior and automatically see what actions will improve conversion and build loyalty.

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Improving the digital experience
for thousands of brands