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Walker CX Solution for B2B Companies Walker CX Solution for B2B Companies

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Walker CX Solution for B2B Companies

Measure customer loyalty and assess financial risk at the account level to improve customer retention, seize new opportunities, and grow your business.

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Walker Loyalty Matrix™

Measure and monitor your B2B relationships to guide your CX strategy, pinpoint key improvements, and manage relationships account by account. Walker’s methodology has helped hundreds of B2B companies reduce customer churn and seize new opportunities to grow their business.

B2B is different. Your CX program should be too.

Long sales cycles, complicated purchasing committees, multi-layered supply chains – these characteristics and many others create difficult challenges for customer experience leaders in business-to-business companies.

You need more than overall satisfaction scores and indicators of problem areas. You need to be able to manage customer relationships at a granular level – account by account and contact by contact.

With Walker’s CX Solution you get a unique view into which accounts are at risk and need intervention. You identify the accounts that are loyal and ready to expand their business. And you can even determine which accounts may feel trapped in their relationship with you and may be considering other alternatives. What’s more, by combining this with financial data you can determine the extent of risk to your business.

At the heart of Walker’s proprietary approach is the Walker Loyalty Matrix™ – a practical framework that helps you monitor and improve customer experience at all levels: account, functional, and strategic.

More than surveys – a complete approach

Walker has helped hundreds of companies cut through the complexity that is inherent in business-to-business relationships.

With this solution you will: 

  • Gather feedback with surveys developed by B2B CX experts with decades of experience.
  • Leverage Walker’s proprietary Loyalty Matrix to segment customers in a practical way that prompts action.
  • Connect to account-level financial data to have a clear picture of your financial risk.
  • Deliver clear and concise dashboards that provide the right information to the right people at the right time – ready for them to take action.

Outcomes Delivered

  1. Develop a highly personalized experience account by account
  2. Identify and salvage accounts that are at risk of leaving
  3. Identify and pursue upsell opportunities with your most loyal customers
  4. Combine experience data (X data) and operational data (O data) to maximize the impact of your CX program
  5. Filter by branch, store, or other business units to create benchmarks for performance

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Identify Who’s Loyal and Who’s Leaving

The Walker Loyalty Matrix is a practical and proven methodology for segmenting your customers that is particularly effective with B2B accounts. Using a short battery of questions, you’ll have a measure of the attitude and behavior of your customers, which tells you if they are at risk, trapped, or accessible. Account managers use this key information to salvage struggling relationships and grow your strongest accounts.

Assess your company’s risk and reward

By connecting account-level financial information, you get a clear picture of potential risks from lost accounts or declining business. What’s more, you can get a view into the accounts that are your strongest performers – ones that might be primed for upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

This level of customer intelligence greatly enhances your ability to make decisions on action planning, forecasting, account assignments, and much more.

What You Get

Expert-built Surveys

Get a pre-built survey to measure loyalty and assess the stability of your customer base. This scientifically-validated approach is proven to help you get the insights you need to improve the customer experience:

  • Relational survey measures the overall experience and health of the client relationship
  • Walker’s journey-based approach examines respondent’s experience across the main points of their journey with your company
  • Evaluation of key service principles helps you understand the nature of your relationship, including how easy it is to do business with your company
  • Key questions assess both customer attitudes and behaviors, so you can identify accounts that are at-risk, trapped, accessible, or loyal
  • Net Promoter question identifies your promoters, detractors, and passive clients
  • If you have an existing survey, Walker’s proprietary methodology can be added to show you new insights

Program Communications

Walker provides expert guidance to get you up and running.

Dashboards and Reports

Turn data into insights with dashboards and reports ready-built to help you share insights across the organization and start making CX improvements today.

Three dashboards are included:

  • Overall snapshot of your company health – Provides composite scores to key performance areas as well as overall loyalty measures and segmentation. Results can be filtered by key segments. With this information you get a quick look at the health of your company with the ability to drill down into the data for further analysis and action.
  • Account-level summary – You get a view of all of you accounts with a breakdown of their key scores and classifications. This includes a listing of top accounts by loyalty category, which allows you to quickly identify accounts at risk, those that are trapped, and those that are loyal accounts poised for growth. Tie in financial data and you can discover where action is most urgent.
  • Individual account summary – This provides a view of single accounts providing a listing of each contact that has been invited to provide their insights. At this granular level you can determine levels of loyalty by individual and pinpoint the relationships which require immediate attention. The account summary also includes a distribution report (who from the account has been invited to take the summary and whether or not they have completed it) and the ability to issue surveys and reminders directly from the report.

At the heart of our reporting is the segmentation provided by the Walker Loyalty Matrix™, which segments customers as follows:

  • Truly Loyal – Customers who have every intention of continuing business and have a positive attitude toward your company.
  • Accessible – Customers who have a good attitude about working with you, but do not plan to continue their relationship. This typically means something has changed and they don’t need your product or service any longer.
  • Trapped – Customers who show every indication of continuing business with you, but they’re not happy about it. They feel trapped in their relationship.
  • High Risk – Customers who do not intend to return and do not have a healthy attitude about their relationship with your company.

The dashboards also incorporate:

  • Net Promoter Score:
    • Promoters
    • Detractors
    • Passives
  • Summary of key questions
  • Key driver analysis
  • Trend data, as it builds over time
  • The ability to filter by segments:
    • Filter by geographic region so performance comparisons can be made
    • Filter by branch, store, channel, product or other business units to create benchmarks for performance

You also get dashboards tailored to roles in your organization:

  • Account manager
  • Regional leader
  • Executive

Best Practice Program Guidance

Walker’s proprietary Loyalty Matrix helps you measure loyalty and assess the stability of your customer base. It takes a scientifically validated approach to the theory of customer loyalty to create a pragmatic solution to understanding the two dimensions of true loyalty – customer behavior and the attitudes that support these behaviors.

The results allow:

  • More accurate forecasting and account planning of future business with current customers
  • Bridging the gap between macro-level initiatives that will impact perceptions of all customers vs. micro-level strategies and tactics designed to maximize the impact on a single account

Licensing Information

The Walker CX Solution for B2B Companies is available as part of any Qualtrics CX package. Choose the CX license specific to your business size and feature set to give you all the capabilities to transform your customer experience.

Request a demo to see a product demo and learn more.

Implementation and Service

Qualtrics and Walker have teamed up to accelerate your CX success. The Qualtrics-certified subject matter experts at Walker will provide expert guidance to get you up and running.

Post-deployment, we work with you to make sure your CX program is running smoothly and give you access to the subject matter experts at Walker to provide support and alert you to new features and updates.

Implementation services and integrations cost depends on number of surveys and dashboard configurations and advanced add-on features.

Other features and services included


When you need to see feedback at the contact level quickly, Walker’s QuickView is the solution you need. QuickView replaces the standard Qualtrics Respondent Report with a concise, aesthetically pleasing report that puts the information you need front and center.

  • Logical design places client name and other embedded data at the top of the report
  • Unanswered questions are filtered out
  • Aesthetically pleasing format
  • A link to the QuickView report can be included in an email or alert

Loyalty-Matrix-Based Action Planning 

The Walker Loyalty Matrix takes a scientifically validated approach to the theory of customer loyalty to create a pragmatic solution to understanding the two dimensions of true loyalty – customer behavior and the attitudes that support these behaviors.

After your customers have been segmented (using the Walker CX Solution for B2B Companies), Walker can design prescriptive actions based on loyalty segmentation.

  • Salvage relationships at risk, improving retention
  • Build account growth into your existing CRM system
  • Stand out from competitors by providing an excellent customer experience


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  2. eBook: Best Practices Guide for B2B Customer Experience Management
  3. From Walker: 8 Ways B2B Differs from B2C  
  4. From Walker: CX Leader Podcast 

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