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Health Insurance Customer Experience Health Insurance Customer Experience

XM Solution Guided Program

Health Insurance Customer Experience

Identify the key drivers of churn and customer behavior of both members and brokers for healthcare payers.

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Customer Experience

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Understand the key drivers of member and broker behavior and find opportunities to increase satisfaction, retention and share of wallet with a pre-built solution designed by health insurance experts. We’ll help you assess your current CX strategy and deploy a best-in-class program specific to your business.

Jump-start your CX program with:

  • Surveys built by industry experts & validated by leading insurance payers
  • Role- and channel-based dashboards to identify member, broker, and corporate customer insights

With this XM Solution you can:

  1. Gain better understanding of current customer experience across key touchpoints
  2. Address strategic business priorities, like increasing broker agency preference and member renewal rate
  3. Drive organizational alignment to create meaningful experiences across enrollment, policy renewal, claims processing, and more!
  4. Increase customer loyalty, new customer acquisition, and customer satisfaction

Outcomes Delivered

  1. Get powerful CX insights in less time
  2. Create customer feedback experiences across member, broker, and corporate customer journeys to better understand behavior and take action
  3. Create a roadmap for future growth to increase program coverage and capabilities
  4. Deliver a premium customer experience

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What You Get

Expert-built Surveys

Get pre-built healthcare insurance customer experience surveys designed by experts and proven to help you get the insights you need to improve the customer experience:

  • Relational Survey
  • Member Transactional Surveys
    • Digital
      • Site Experience
      • Member onboarding experience
      • Quote Abandonment
      • Claims Processing
      • Renewal
      • Post Claim Experience (top priority)
      • App Experience
      • Policy option survey
      • Defection Experience
    • In-Person
      • Claims Agent Experience
      • Healthcare provider experience
    • Support
      • Contact support Experience
      • Claims Issues
    • Broker Transactional Surveys
      • Digital
        • Application Experience
        • New Policy Experience
        • Quoting and Renewal Experience
        • Support Experience
      • Support
        • Policy Commission Issues
        • Contact Support Experience
      • Corporate Transactional Surveys
        • Digital
          • Application Experience
          • New Policy Experience
          • Claim Processing Experience
          • Corporate Employees Experience
          • Defection Experience
        • In-Person
          • Claims Agent Experience
        • Support
          • Corporate Support Experience
          • Claims Issues


Turn data into insights with dashboards and reports ready-built to help you share insights across the organization and start making CX improvements today:

  • Digital: Overall Site and App Experience
    • Executive
    • CX Manager – member and broker pages
    • Digital Experience Manager
  • Digital: Member Claim Processing
    • Executive
    • Member Experience Manager
    • Call Center Manager
  • Digital: Broker
    • Executive
    • Operations Manager
    • Broker Service Manager
  • Digital: Corporate Customer
    • Executive
    • Operations Manager
    • Corporate Services Manager
  • Support: Call Center
    • Call Center Manager
    • Claims Agent

Qualtrics Customer Experience Maturity Model

Qualtrics uses a 3-phase approach to implement and grow your Health Insurance CX program:

  1. Deploy relational surveys to assess your current relationship with members, brokers, and corporate customers
  2. Add surveys across digital and support channels to expand your coverage across all customer journeys
  3. Deep dive on most important/impactful customer journeys (e.g. broker agency preference, customer defection)

Once you’re up and running, you’ll receive access to additional surveys, dashboards, new features, and industry benchmarks when released.

Implementation & Services

A dedicated Qualtrics Implementation Consultant will work with you to provide XM Solution content with custom logo/branding.

Post-deployment, a Qualtrics Customer Success Manager will work with you to make sure your CX program is running smoothly, provide support, and alert you to new features and updates.

Let them be your personal concierge in integrating Qualtrics XM technology with your business.

Implementation services and integrations cost dependent on the number of surveys and dashboard configurations and advanced add-on features.

Licensing Information

XM Solution is available as part of any Qualtrics CX package.  Choose the CX license specific to your business size and feature set to give you all the capabilities to transform your member and broker experience.

Solution Details

Required License: Customer Experience 1



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