2019 Research Breakthrough Sessions

Discover how the visionaries and leaders behind the world’s most iconic organizations shared how they designed and delivered breakthrough experiences at 2019 Qualtrics X4 Summit.

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Backstory on a Breakthrough Brand: How T-Mobile’s Uncarrier Revolutionized the US Wireless Market

There are very few moments of truth when insights, brand, and business must come together to keep a company alive. Learn how T-Mobile partnered with Prophet to develop deep research and unlock uncommon insights to deliver a breakthrough brand experience that propelled T-Mobile to growth – and revolutionized the wireless industry in the US.

Jesse Purewal|Partner

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The Big Data Theory: How CBS Generates & Acts on Insights by Matching Experience & Operational Data

Few businesses generate as much data as media, and when CBS networks touches 30 million people every night, the data that flows from feedback, viewing, social, and more can be overwhelming. As preferences and consumption habits constantly change, how do you avoid being data rich, but insights poor? Using real-world examples, CBS Chief Research and Analytics Officer Radha Subramanyam shows how to identify the insights that are most important to your business, build the necessary internal teams and processes, and line up your data streams to improve business results.

Radha Subramanyam|Chief Research & Analytics Officer

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Uncovering User Truth: Fusing Data Science and User Research at Spotify

Spotify’s product insights team combines user research and data science to gain rich insights that fuel product decisions. This talk uses a case study of combining a qualitative diary study (administered through Qualtrics) and a behavioral data dashboard. This mixed methods approach drives a holistic understanding of both when and, more importantly, why people engaged with a new ads feature.

Colette Kolenda|User Research
Kristie Savage|Data Science
Peter Gilks|Director, Product Insights

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Embedding Human Insights Into Experience Design

Customer-centric design is becoming the new normal and has driven statistically tremendous developments in UX and overall growth in unexpected industries. What happens when organizations apply that same methodology to enhancing the workplace and transforming employee experiences? Citi’s Carey Kolaja shows how Citi FinTech effectively revolutionized employee engagement through co-creation, testing and the productization of companies.

Carey Kolaja|Chief Product Officer

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Measuring Growth: The Breakthrough Helping GoDaddy Increase Profitability by Closing Experience Gaps

When GoDaddy was founded, it was about serving a community of entrepreneurs to enable them to launch their business online and receive the same support experience as the biggest companies. Years later, they emerged as the world's largest cloud platform dedicated to small ventures under one premise: provide the best customer and product experience. Period. Part of that radical evolution was closing key experience gaps, including bringing essential product and customer experiences under Mike McLaughlin and tying business results to experiences.

Mike Mclaughlin|Chief Customer Officer

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How Technology is Creating a New Currency of Ideas

Is technology a friend or foe of your brand? Over 2.5 billion people use Unilever brands every day in part because Unilever has learned how to turn ideas into currency using new technology. Unilever’s EVP of Consumer and Marketing Insight shows you how leveraging technology accelerates adoption and builds legendary brands.

Stan Sthanunathan|EVP, Consumer & Market Insights

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