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5 ways to transform your contact center

The contact center is often the low point of a customer’s experience with a brand. But if they're calling, then the stakes are high. With the right approach and tools, you can turn their pain into an opportunity for a lasting positive experience and improved loyalty.

Join Luke Williams, Head of CX Strategy, as he shares five strategies to transform your contact center from a cost center to a profit center and learn how to meet your customer's needs while delighting them in the process.

During this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Which key areas contact centers need to focus on in 2020 to drive value to the bottom line
  • How to differentiate your brand using the contact center
  • Three new metrics that you should be tracking

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Picture of Luke Williams

Luke Williams

Head of CX Strategy, Qualtrics

Luke Williams is Head of Customer Experience (CX) at Qualtrics and is an award-winning researcher and author of a New York Times and USA Today bestseller (The Wallet Allocation Rule), and a Bookscan bestseller (Why Loyalty Matters). A statistician and methodologist by training, Luke is a thought leader in the space of customer experience, client satisfaction, client loyalty, client ROI, strategy, and analytics. His work has appeared in many academic and trade publications, including co-authorship of a Harvard Business School Case Study.

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